I have been curating the exciting art space in           cafe Berkhamsted since 2014.   A relaxed, contemporary setting which lends itself beautifully to showing work by some amazing 'local' artists, including:


Two solo exhibitions by                     - an internationally acclaimed artist and DJ


Illustrator and Designer,                           - with a special exhibition of prints to coincide with The Tour de France in 2016  


A unique art exhibition to host the book launch of  'The Big Lie' by local author


sun3 HERE mark3 pam2 rus1 safe_image local1 site5 site1 site3 site4 jazz1 jester spencer1 spencer3 L'Angle Bunker local3 rus2 - Copy Vague Blur (Red - Blue) (Large) je1 Sunil Pawar Spencer Wilson Julie Mayhew